Upholding academic excellence

Upsilon Pi Epsilon is the first and only international honor society for the Computing Sciences. The UC Berkeley chapter, launched in 1995, honors the top tier of Computer Science students on campus.

We help others

UPE keeps all students from Berkeley's technical disciplines well-informed of our student activities through intensive marketing over the web and e-mail, print posters, and in-class announcements to the student body. UPE engages students with our many activities, making us renowned for our service to the university community. We not only reach out to computer science students and faculty, but also the EECS, math, and other engineering majors.

Connections and Opportunities

We work closely with major corporations, organizing events ranging from brief one-hour info-sessions about companies and recruiting opportunities to full-scale day-long sessions to showcase their research and product development. Our resumé books make it easier for companies to target the top Berkeley CS students.

Office Hours
  • Jason Zhang Thur 2-4
  • Dickson Tsai Mon 12-1, Tue 1-3
    • CS 61A
  • Andy Zheng Wed 2-4
  • Hugh Chen Tue 1-3
  • Jennifer Dai Wed 1-2
  • Jacqueline Xu Mon 1-3
  • Ralph Arroyo Wed 4-5, Fri 3-4
  • Mari Batilando Wed 12-1, Fri 1-2
    • CS 169
    • CS 160
  • Jeffrey Zhang Fri 2-3
  • Tiffany Ko Mon 11-1
  • Jason Jia Mon 3-5
    • CS 162
  • Brian Su Tue 12-1, 4-5
    • CS 61A
    • CS 61B
  • Darren Tsung Wed 11-12, Thur 12-2
    • CS 184
Upcoming Events
Who we've worked with